FlightStats now speaks French and Spanish

Whether you’re in Paris or Buenos Aires, Beijing or Berlin, FlightStats speaks your language. Travelers around the globe demand to have information at their fingertips. We know though, for information to be truly useful, it also has to be easy to use. FlightStats, the leading provider of day-of-travel data services and applications to the travel industry and traveling public has recently added French and Spanish to its language options. Currently FlightStats offers query responses via its Flex APIs in any of six languages including English, German, Japanese, Simplified Chinese, French and Spanish, using the “extended options” feature.

What information is available in multiple languages?
Translated information includes: flight status responses, flight schedules data, as well as airport names, countries, cities, and street addresses. In a day and age where travel is expanding to all corners of the globe, and mobile technology enables quick communication to travelers on the go, it is more important than ever speak to travelers in the language they prefer. FlghtStats translated its API responses, to make it easy for developers to incorporate multilingual support in their travel apps.

Interested in learning more? Visit the extended options page in the FlightStats Developer Center to learn how multilingual responses can be used in travel apps.