Air traffic at SFO after the crash of Asiana Airlines flight 214

Traffic at SFO remains sluggish today due to FAA ground delay programs throughout much of today. Since Saturday’s crash of Asiana Airline’s flight 214 some of the runways at SFO have been closed. Flights are currently excessively delayed greater than 44 minutes. Travelers should call their airline prior to departing to see status of their flight.

San Francisco Air Traffic
Today SFO has experienced 111 departure cancellations and 139 arrival cancellations with 13 flights being diverted. Yesterday, the airport had 250 departure cancellations and 194 arrival cancellations with 84 flights diverted.

According to SFO, the Runways: 1/19 Left & Right reopened on Saturday, July 6th and 28 Right reopened on Sunday, July 7th but 28 Left will remain closed for the immediate future.

Official Information from the Asiana Airlines
Asiana Airlines has a new contact number for inquiries regarding the incident of OZ214 on Saturday, July 6th. Please contact 1-855-422-7214 or check Asiana Airlines notice board for official statements and updates.

For more information of the crash visit USA Today.