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FlightStats is the leading provider of real-time global flight and airport data. Our flight data is sourced from hundreds of providers across the globe, and our core data platform transforms this raw data into a complete picture that drives our products and services. FlightStats data is easy to use via the well-documented Flex APIs which support JSON, JSONP, XML formats. We’ve also invested in localizing API responses to be easy to deploy in global apps. Responses are available in English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, German, and Arabic.

Whether the metric is coverage, accuracy or timeliness, FlightStats is recognized as the leader by hundreds of customers across virtually all geographies. If you need data in real-time via request-response APIs, via data feeds, via push mechanisms, or via batch, FlightStats can deliver.

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Real-Time Flight Status

Flight Status is where FlightStats began, and we have built our leadership position by supplying this data to customers across all travel verticals. Our Flight Status services provide access to current flight information, including scheduled, estimated and actual departure/arrival times, equipment type, delay calculations, terminal, gate, and baggage carousel. Data can be accessed by flight, by route, by fleet, and even by geographic area. We also offer positional information, so that flights can be tracked on a map.

The majority of our customers access Flight Status via our request-response API services, however in limited situations we can provide this information via a data feed. The FlightStats data feed delivers structured data using a simple request/response file transfer protocol, with updates every minute. The advantage of the data feed is that information can be stored and managed locally, removing size and latency issues. However, since FlightStats loses control over its data in such a situation, use of the data feed comes with strict contractual restrictions.

Segment-Based Flight Alerts

Our Flight Alerts API offers push-based alerting of flight status information. Alerts are based on flight segments, and messages can be triggered on a variety of conditions and status changes. Segment-Based alerts enable developers to inform travelers using their application to receive alerts via the device of their choice.

Flight Schedules

In conjunction with Innovata, FlightStats has introduced a Schedules API service that provides access to Innovata’s published schedules database, including codeshares. The service is designed to give developers access to worldwide scheduled flights by airport, route, carrier and flight number. Search results can include non-stop, and searches can be conducted by departure date, arrival date, and time range. Responses can be delivered in multiple languages, as either an XML or JSON response type. The service also includes filters for refining results, such as an allowed set of carriers or connecting airports. This service allows your customers to be able to determine available scheduled flights by airport, by date, by route and by carrier.

FIDS / Digital Signage

FlightStats provides Widgets, APIs, and data feeds to support digital signage and Flight Information Display Systems (FIDS) applications.

The FlightStats FIDS Widget is a highly customizable, simple-to-install HTML component that offers customers the ability to easily integrate FlightStats flight information into a digital signage solution. The FIDS Widget makes calls to FlightStats every 5 minutes to get the latest flight information, and then rotates through flights at configurable time periods. Included is access to a FIDS configuration tool that gives users complete control over the look and feel of the information to be displayed, as well as the flight information and time windows to be displayed. The FIDS Widget is built on top of an XML-based API that customers can use as well.

To complete the offering, FlightStats will soon productize its airport maps with flight tracking solution, enabling customers to deliver even more visual appeal within their digital signage applications.

Airport Information and Terminal Maps

As part of its Flex APIs, FlightStats offers an array of services designed to deliver real-time airport information. In addition to reference and weather services, we offer our Delay Index API that provides current departure performance at airports. This service reduces delay severity to a normalized score, making it easy to identify whether an airport is experiencing problems with delays and/or cancellations.

FlightStats also offers Airport Terminal Maps for more than 150 airports worldwide. For each airport, FlightStats provides a set of maps and thumbnail images of various sizes to support specific needs in terms of screen size and user interface. Each map set features a map of the entire airport facility including:

  • Terminal buildings, parking lots, and inter-terminal transportation (rail, bus, etc.)
  • Icons for security checkpoints, ticket counters, business services, food service, etc.
  • Gate numbers
  • Airport terminal maps are available in PNG format on a white background. Thumbnails are available on a transparent background in PNG format and on white as a GIF file.

Historical Data

FlightStats has been archiving flight status data since 2005, and we have packages of this historical data available for customers to purchase for use in strategic assessment of airline performance, often in context with alliance partners and/or competitors. Airlines and airports can use these data sets to offer to get a rich picture of what airlines and airports need to optimize operational services.


Pathfinder is a modern information delivery platform for airfreight forwarders that provides flight schedules combined with the real-time information needed to make better airfreight decisions. Better decisions reduce your costs and improve service levels for your customers.

Pathfinder offers a comprehensive suite of tools including: routing tools, flight status, airport status, event notification systems and comprehensive worldwide passenger and cargo air schedules. Additionally, Pathfinder offers RFS and line haul truck schedules, providing you a complete set of tools to support your airfreight operation.

Pathfinder-Web is a hosted airfreight decision support tool. Learn more at and sign-up for a free evaluation account.

Pathfinder-XML is a set of XML Web Services that enable you to integrate Pathfinder functionality into your Web or desktop application. Learn more about Pathfinder-XML Web Services in the FlightStats Developer Center.