Quickly and Contextually Communicate to Air Travelers

FlightStats has been meeting the alerting needs of airlines and travel agencies for many years. Our next generation alerting platform will build upon the foundation we’ve built, while offering new capabilities that are unmatched in the travel industry.  In addition to supporting far more alerting use cases and the resulting revenue opportunities, our platform will offer two-way communication capabilities that enable an agent to communicate directly with a traveler.  Also, the platform will connect with our FlightStats mobile applications, which agencies can leverage to offer their customers a first-rate mobile experience.

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FlightStats Alerting Services for Airlines & Agencies

FlightStats Alerting Services provides airlines and agencies a branded, cost-effective way to communicate relevant and timely information with travelers. FlightStats Alerting Services can be easily incorporated in branded mobile applications so that information is available to travelers on the move. Additionally alerts can provide additional ways to connect to new sources of revenue such as flight booking, ancillary services, and other special offers. FlightStats alerts allows airlines and agencies to offer better support to high-value customers and members of loyalty programs. Especially useful in alerting travelers with today’s complex travel environment, FlightStats enables alerting for airline codeshare partners.

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Agent Advantage

Agent Advantage is a complete itinerary capture, monitoring, messaging and pro-active re-accommodation work flow solution designed specifically for Travel Agencies. It is in use by 40+ of the most innovative travel management companies and corporate travel departments.

  • PNR capture from all major GDS
  • Itinerary monitoring and messaging
  • Web-based itinerary search and view
  • Audit capabilities
  • Optional hosted profiles and opt-in processing
  • Web-based message configuration and customization tools
  • Traveler API that enables interface to a variety of mobile clients
  • TripAssist web-based proactive re-accommodation work flow tool

FlightStats Alerts API

For those agencies and airlines wishing to integrate alerting into their own platform, we also offer segment-based flight alerts via our Data Services that enable agents to leverage FlightStats real-time global flight data within their own solutions.

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