Markets We Serve: Airlines

Form a Strategic Data Partnership – Get operational insights and tools to deepen customer engagement

Airlines want to provide great services and useful information to travelers, staff and airports. FlightStats partners with airlines around the world because it is our mission to give travelers the best day-of-travel tools and real-time global flight information. Airlines leverage FlightStats alerting services to provide branded customer communications and support. Airlines also benefit from the real-time and historical data we provide to learn more about their own operations and the operations of alliance partners. Airlines often partner with us to ensure their data is effectively represented in FlightStats products and services so that travelers have access to the best and most convenient flight information at their fingertips.

FLightStats helps airlines communicate and engage with travelers

Airlines have many motivations that their customer communications programs need to satisfy:

  • They need mobile applications so that information and solutions are available to travelers on the move
  • They need to connect to sources of revenue – flight booking, ancillary services, etc.
  • They need to connect to loyalty programs so that higher-value customers are retained
  • They need alerting solutions that do more than just inform – they enable customers to know where to be and when, so that flight operations can run smoothly, and they provide revenue-generating offers to travelers in need of one.
Airlines achieve their goals using these FlightStats Services:
  • FlightStats Alerting Services – Cost-effectively communicate with travelers proactively and demonstrate high levels of customer service.
  • FlightStats Data Services – Airlines that choose to build their own solutions. Available via well-documented APIs, FlightStats data powers solutions with the most complete, real-time global, flight information.
  • FlightStats Historical Data – Analyze your airline’s performance, your competition, and your codeshare and alliance partners performance. By leveraging FlightStats historical data, you will have the information to learn trends, highlight problems and identify what is working.
  • Airline Operational Data – Airlines and FlightStats have needs that are aligned. Airlines need their information distributed to as many travelers as possible, whether those travelers are using the airline’s products or the products of other travel service providers. Airlines also need to know what’s happening with their alliance partners. FlightStats wants the best possible operational data available in order to maintain its data lead. FlightStats already has formed strategic partnerships with many of the world’s largest carriers. By setting up a direct feed with FlightStats, we can work in collaboration with airlines to help them meet their data goals.
FlightStats Analytics

Uniquely comprehensive global historical flight analysis

  • Strategically assess airline performance in context with competitors
  • Conduct operational performance self-analysis to improve on-time service