FlightStats Offers Innovative Services to Increase Agency Relevance and Value Proposition

Travel technology advances have diminished the relevance of agencies for corporate travelers. Savvy agencies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of day-of-travel services. They realize that more than just meeting duty-of-care compliance concerns, providing services throughout the day-of-travel represents an important revenue opportunity as well as a chance to differentiate based on quality of service. Unfortunately for many travel agencies, the cost of developing effective day-of-travel solutions is prohibitively expensive.

FlightStats is working to address this growing need.  We are developing our alerting platform and our related mobile applications so that we can help agencies:

  • Introduce new revenue streams
  • Reduce leakage
  • Bring mobile into the mix
  • Maximize corporate program adoption and compliance
  • Enhance communications to improve the traveler’s experience
  • Improve data capture and reporting
  • Meet duty-of-care requirements
  • Differentiate based on value provided

FlightStats Alerting Services help Agencies serve their customers better and quantify the value they bring to the corporate travel process. FlightStats currently offers three solutions to help agencies: Agent Advantage, FlightStats Alerting Services, and FlightStats Data Services for those interested in using FlightStats data in their own solution.

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