Transforming the Travel Experience

In an era where more people are traveling and planes are getting fuller, the day-of-travel experience is becoming much more challenging. The challenge starts even before you leave for the airport for your departing flight. Most people start thinking about their trip at least a day in advance, as they check in for flights and start paying attention to weather and possible delays. If a situation arises, most travelers realize that a cascade of events can turn their travel experience into a travel nightmare.

FlightStats’ mission is to transform the travel experience. We are the leading day-of-travel information source for travelers, and for the entities that serve them. We offer real-time (and soon, predictive) information that a traveler can have at their fingertips. With access to up-to-the-minute information, travelers can take an information disadvantage and turn it into an advantage. And with FlightStats, travelers can find alternatives when their trips go haywire.

Our Content

Everything we do at FlightStats is built upon our content foundation. We are a leading publisher of real-time global flight and airport information, and our data is used by millions of travelers and thousands of businesses around the world.

Our data is distinguished by its completeness, its accuracy, and its timeliness. Our coverage is considered the best in the world, as we collect flight and airport information from a multitude of global sources. We thoroughly vet information during processing so that we can ensure quality (you’d be surprised at the number of errors and inconsistencies that are reported). And we are continually monitoring our sources so that we know of updates the minute they happen. Patching this information together is expensive and challenging, and modeling what has happened – and what should happen – is even more challenging. We are continually investing in our content and our data platform to ensure we’re at the information forefront.

Our Services

Although content is the starting point, we realize that content doesn’t have much value if it cannot easily reach the traveler.

  • Data Services – Our data services enable us to serve virtually all travel verticals, as well as to power our own products. FlightStats can deliver real-time and historical information via request-response APIs, push, data feeds, and batch files. Our services are solid and mature, our services library is vast and expanding, and we now offer localized services so that developers have multiple language options from which to choose.
  • Alerting Services – We’ve been providing alerting services to travel agencies and airlines for many years. Our first generation alerting platform has broken new ground in itinerary-based alerting capabilities, and our next generation alerting platform will build upon this foundation. We’re taking a page from the big search and social players and introducing graphing capabilities that will enable us to support far more alerting use cases, and the resulting revenue opportunities. By investing in more ways FlightStats data can be used to resolve customers problems, supporting multiple alert delivery options, matching alerts to revenue, and supporting more global flights, we are positioning FlightStats to be the leading alerting services provider to travel agencies and airlines around the world.
  • Traveler Applications – We’re working to re-define the day-of-travel experience as people now know it, and mobile is clearly key. Offering the right experience certainly requires us to push information to the traveler so that it is always at their fingertips, and our alerting services are designed specifically for this task. But the right experience is more than that – we must be able to leverage what we know about a traveler. We strive to know more than just where a particular traveler is, we also want to know where they will be, and what their preferences are. With this information, we can get out of front of potential problems, match problems with possible solutions, and turn a potentially bad travel experience into a positive one.

Our History

We started selling flight status information via APIs in 2005, however our roots in travel actually extend much further back. Our predecessor company was responsible for the BookSmart booking engine that powered many of the original airline Internet booking sites, so we’re quite familiar with the needs of airlines and travel agencies. After our predecessor company was sold, we started a new company focused on the needs of airfreight. During the product development process, we searched for a single source of global flight status information, and we struck out. But we also found an opportunity, which led us to where we are today. We’ve taken data that was once considered an afterthought, and we’ve made it the centerpiece of the travel experience.

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